Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last night of 2008

I worked until almost 4 in the morning last night / this morning.

I had expected to wrap things up last night around 2am when I was to pick up one of my "jail guys" at his work-release job and return him to the jail, but no. He had called the Red Cab dispatcher and told him he wouldn't be ready until about 3am and would call if he was ready sooner.

At first, I thought that it would be stupid for me to wait around on a pretty dead Tuesday night until 3am for just a $10 fare, but I'm glad I did. One customer before I hauled ass on out to West Boylston Street to pick up "jail guy", I got a couple at Grafton Square Honey Farms. At first, SHE tells me that they are going to two different addresses. Then, along the way, she says we're only going to one of the two. The GUY pays, gives me a $20 for a $7 fare and tells me to keep the change. I hustled him out of the cab hoping he wouldn't realize he'd given me a $20 for a $7 fare and away they went and I left immediately. Those kind of tip situations are godsends because the tips pay for my gasoline.

Brooke had called me earlier and wanted me to wake her up when I got home because she said she had some things she wanted to talk with me about. "What?!?!?", my mind says. But at about 4am, I nudged Brooke awake and I was overjoyed to hear that she wanted to do some cleaning and home re-decoration if she was to move in with me. WHEW! Not like I was guilty of anything, but the "hey, we've gotta talk" line always inspires panic. She loves all of my weird kitschy crap that I've got allove the place, but feels that new wallpaper, cleaning, organizing would help bring out even more of the coolness and in the process, it'll make my house more of OUR house and I'm very happy about this.

2008 has been a very rough year for me. A tumultuous relationship comes literally crashing to an end. A very fulfilling solo-voyage to Rio DeJaneiro. The taxi business slowly spiralling downward. Meeting and falling head over heels in love with Brooke!!!!! Thanksgiving & Christmas with my new family (that being Brooke's family). Worcester Magazine cancells "Action Geek" after 135 comics in print. Lots of ups & downs. LOTS.

2009 is literally hours away as I type this thing up on a very snowy, cold Wednesday night in Worcester in my little Tatnuck Square abode. I'm very fortunate to still have a roof over my head. I'm lucky to have found a girl who truly loves me for who I am and wants a relationship that will grow & evolve with me. I'm still gainfully employed as a taxi driver even though money is tight and skimping is a necessity rather than just a little challenge... There are possible opportunities for my local editorial cartoon thing to continue on in print form elsewhere, but the details have yet to be ironed out. And I'm more inspired than ever to create my own style of artwork whether Worcester likes it or not.

Tonight... staying home, enjoying Brooke's company, downing some yummy beers (Southern Tier's Creme Brulee and Gemini and maybe move on to some Chokolat. Mmmmmmmm.), watch a little Dexter, maybe a Globe Trekker show on India and maybe even the Dharjeeling Limited movie. Nice and cozy and low-key, just the way I like it. Happy new year, to whoever's reading this.

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Jeff Barnard said...

Happy New Year, Doug! May the coming year bring you great joy, prosperity, and increasing comfy-ness.