Friday, December 21, 2007

Despite the Weather & Financial Crises...

Okay, so I stopped driving cab early on Thursday night, but...

1) I didn't buy ANYTHING at That's Entertainment comic book store on the way home. I stopped, checked out new releases and found nothing, so I left with a new Worcester Magazine in hand.

2) I got home, and read some WoMag, responded to a woman's blog reprinting that was in WoMag, did some more reading, watched endless Law & Order SVU on USA.

3) I read the standard rejection letter, this time sent in by Chris Staros of Top Shelf Publishing, pretty much saying that his company was looking for longer, graphic novel style works to publish, not quick, variety show silliness that Action Geek Black & White is doing. He wasn't being insulting and I WISH I could post / publish his actual letter, but I really respect Staros & his company Top Shelf Publishing, as they put out the stuff I like to read made by creators I'm totally jealous / envious of. Action Geek #6 WILL have, though, as a special centerspread, FULL documentation of MY end of the correspondance to Mr. Staros. (I just love typing his name. Sounds like an intergalactic evil nemesis or something. Staros.)

4) I got around to coloring in two comics for AGBW #6, all about private detective silliness.

5) I started up this blog thing again.

6) I heated up some soup that Jen made a few days ago and ate some buttered bread along with it.

7) I watched the 2nd half of Napolean Dynamite on Comedy Central and fell asleep with lots & lots of little kitties allover the house.

Not a bad night, considering...

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