Friday, December 21, 2007

Don't waste another second

I present my credo for stimulation, discussion, critique and dismissal.

No matter how many years you think you may have left, they will not be enough to see, hear, think and create all the things you've promised yourself. Forget about expanding your consciousness, explore the vast singularity of your mind with all faculties intact. Pursue expression with all your might. Draw, paint, play, write, sing, act out, photography, record, analyze, and critique. Never settle for the status quo. Seek out and create entropy from which creativity will flow. If things are steeled, destabilize the situation. If chaos reigns, channel the power and add energy to the flow. Evoke surprise. It is a sign of success. Make them laugh for it brings health and happiness to all. Laugh at yourself and the futility of life. Never be patient. Never bend to control. Even the perverse can be uplifting. Even the horrifying can be beautiful. Be ready to blow it all up and check out in a blaze of glory.

The Brain Stimulation Institute

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