Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blow Some Money On Advertising? Sure! (not)

So I receive this MySpace message today:

From: Ultimate Comics Group, LLC. (TM)
Date: Jan 8, 2009 7:36 AM

We wanted to know if you would be interested in advertising with us.
Our comics will be featured in the Enemi Entertainment catalog that is distributed to over 2300+ retailers and the comic is currently scheduled for publication in the July-Sept 2009 timeframe.
Our rates are as follows:
Full page Ad: $400 (7X10.5")
1/2 Page Ad: $225 (7X5.25")
1/4 Page Ad: $125 (3.5X5.25")
1/8 Page Ad: $75 (1.75X5.25")
Back Cover: $550 (Will have our Barcode on it) (7X10.5")
Inside Front Cover: $475 (7X10.5")
Inside Back Cover: $500 (7X10.5")
Thank you in advance!

To which I respond, probaby WAY too harshly...

From: ActionGeek
Date: Jan 8, 2009 9:40 AM

Um, no. Sorry. As much as I appreciate the offer, I'm having trouble just trying to figure out how to pay for a tow truck to help get my girlfriend's car out of the ice-covered driveway across from my driveway. Oh, and then I've got bills & the mortgage to pay. So, um, no, I guess I can't be throwing away money advertising my cartoons stuff right now. Thanks anyway.


And then Ultimate replies back surprisingly...

From: Ultimate Comics Group, LLC. (TM)
Date: Jan 8, 2009 9:48 AM

Understood. When things turn around for you, if you are interested in advertising in the future, let me know...just because you reached out to me, and we've established a dialog...I'll see if I can discount your prices...
Good luck my friend! Us small press need to stick together!

To which I reply back again, even more down in the dumps...

From: ActionGeek
Date: Jan 8, 2009 9:52 AM

Frankly, I can't even afford $35 to have 100 of my latest issue of Action Geek Black & White printed up. That's 3 sets of 100 2-sided black & white copied pages, 1 set on color stock. So I can only be online at the moment. And I can't wait until I have to decide whether to keep paying for internet or to buy groceries. I see that coming very soon. Did I mention that it just keeps on snowing & sleeting & icing and being crappy out so it's difficult for me to do my chosen profession, that being a cab driver in Central Massachusetts?

Yeah, us small press people need to stick together, but I am really starting to see pretty much everything falling apart.

Sorry for all the venting. You caught me on a rather verbose kind of day. Cheers!



Probably not the best way for me to have dealt with some comic book guy trying to keep his own proverbial shit afloat, but what I want to know is... WHO is actually MAKING MONEY these days? I'm not, that's for sure. Even when the cab business was doing well, I was still pretty much barely covering my mortgage and bills. Now that Brooke is living with me and helping out, things should be a little easier, but then NATURE decides to play games with all of us by hurling ice storms and snow storms and more than usual making it even more difficult for me to work and make ANY money at all.

Hell, I can't even get Brooke's car unstuck from the frozen driveway across the street from my driveway. I can't even shovel the plow crap at the end of my driveway because it's frozen solid. I can drive over it like a crazy bastard and perhaps cause more damage to my car that someday, somehow MIGHT get paid for out of some sort of "mystery money" that will magically appear probably thanks to the almighty, magical Obama regime soon to take office.

How do I pay for a tow truck to come over and help me get Brooke's car out of the driveway when I really should be paying my car insurance which is just about to be cancelled? Of course I'm going to help Brooke first and then try to work my ass off tonight to make more to pay the car insurance and then maybe start saving to pay the mortgage. It's just SO GADDAMNED DIFFICULT!

Some of you may be thinking, well, why doesn't Doug go get a better paying job? Doing what? Designing car ads again and being ultra-miserable? Oh, I get it... I could work for an AD AGENCY and have a "creative" job where I'm pretty much told that MY kind of creativity just isn't going to work, why don't I do the project THEIR way? Oh, and then I can be called NOT a team player because... it goes on & on... And it's not just my fault. The whole world is completely mixed up and I can only fight my little part of it, trying to keep my life free of excess drama, nonsense, crap, etc., but the hits just keep on coming...

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