Friday, July 17, 2009

Charter Cable problems

Does this happen to anyone else?

Hot weather in particular causes my Charter Digital Cable service to totally crap out. I'll turn on the tv, the channels will come in for a little while, then randomly / eventually flicker and then go blank, occasionally deciding to intermitantly come back in flickers and then go blank again. I can go unplug the cable box, wait, then let itself reset and then it'll work for a little while, but then go back to crapping out.

This morning I checked the cable service and everything worked fine in the cool weather of quarter to five a.m., but sure enough tonight it was all sporadically working again.

Charter's service sucks. I haven't got time in the day to exchange the cable box for another (with little if any guarantee that the replacement will even solve the problem). I can't sit around at home waiting for some charter freelancer to drop by to tell me I need to replace the cable box. And calling Charter is like talking to a wall.

I've bitched to Charter quite a bit about a month ago and the cable box seemed to "fix itself" and some kiss-ass from Charter said they've GIVE me a year of free movie channels (which is all fine & nice IF the cable box actually works) and they did. But now that hot weather is upon us, now I have to do another round of complaining to them.

So... anyone else in this same frustrated tv watching boat?

I should probably just ditch tv and end the whole problem like that, but why should Charter get away with such crappy service?


Bret M. Herholz said...

I've actually found the dish to be so much better than Charter. And you're not paying the ridiculous amount Charter is screwing their customers with.

Granted I don't know what it's going to be like in the Winter months, but so far I've been very happy with the switch.

Bret M. Herholz said...

But that doesn't really answer your initial question. Yeah, I've found not only that but the television quality would be very sketchy at times with Charter too.

danielle.royster said...

I had the same issue when I had Comcast and I must tell you that I am happy that I left. I began working at DISH Network and I'd never tried satellite cable and I know that I will never go back to cable, as long as DISH is in my area, I'm staying a loyal customer. With Charter, you can only watch your NFL games on CBS, ABC, NBC and ESPN and on the other hand, DISH offers a multi-sports package which gives you a variety of options. DISH Network has ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction amongst all TV and satellite providers and there is a reason for that. DISH also provides 100% digital programming everyday, nationwide. I always recommend that people try out DISH Network and I am inviting anyone who comes across this post to explore the endless possibilities with DISH Network and experience a value unheard of by any other TV company!