Tuesday, July 7, 2009

job description

but still available hidden away on my website for those interested.


Big Asshole said...

Geeze! No wonder that Wormtown Taxi guy's so pissed off!

I considered doing this job at one point a while back, but I figured that the way people hoard around here, the chances of a decent tip are probably rare. Plus, I wasn't to excited about the prospect of leasing from these guys.

Is there any kind of "gypsy-cab" type companies here in Worc? An independent company non-affiliated with Yellow Cab or Red or White or whatever there is? More of a livery for higher scale customers? That seems like a lot less of a hassle.

But either way man, don't let 'em get you down man. Some of these bullet points seem to match a lot of jobs I've had...

Jeff Barnard said...

They probably just don't like you posting anything about the taxi business, Doug. It's been made plain to me more than once that my blogging doesn't make them happy. And I make it a point never to post about the business AT ALL, even refusing WoMag interviews whenever they do their taxi business stories.

But if I posted something like this "job description" post and they saw it, I'd be hung out to dry.

BA: you can probably find an hourly van or limo driving job, but new cab drivers really can't make any (straight commission) money in this economic climate.